Barcaldine Tree of Knowledge Festival

The Tree of Knowledge Festival is the big weekend for the Barcaldine Community to shine, welcome visitors and showcase the wonderful community spirit of Western Queensland.

Mayor Sean DillonCommemorating such an important part of not only Barcaldine’s past but the history of a series of events which changed a nation is no small feat. Catering for people of all ages, with a massive diversity of activities and sights to see, the Tree of Knowledge Festival must be an addition to the bucket list for those of you who haven’t yet visited and circled in the calendar for all of us to continue repeated attendance.

This event will be completely co-ordinated by the volunteers who contribute so much to the individual events across the weekend with financial and in-kind support from the Barcaldine Regional Council. With new (or returning) innovations such as the street party it promises to be an exciting, fresh and re-energised long weekend, honouring past successful traditions and incorporating new ideas.

The combination of events into one weekend is a real excitement builder, allowing travellers and those who live out of town locally the opportunity to pack so much into either a day trip or weekend visit. Our hospitality businesses always stand ready to keep all visitors well fed and hydrated at all hours of the day and night, be sure to look them up, say hello and enjoy their wares.

The Tree of Knowledge Festival has morphed many times since its first inception (even changing names!) but the common theme of welcoming hospitality always shines through so do yourself a favour, ink the weekend in your calendar and visit the Garden City of the Outback for what promises to be an exceptional weekend.


Sean Dillon

Tree of Knowledge Barcaldine - May Day Parade
Barcaldine's May Day Street Parade