Barcaldine Tree of Knowledge Festival

The 2017 Barcaldine Tree of Knowledge Festival will once again be a jam packed long weekend of fun, mateship and top class events. 

What was once a one day float parade on the Labour Day Monday and known as May Day Parade and Celebrations has grown to a full weekend of community celebration embracing a diverse range of activities including Street Festival, Rev Fest, and Goat Racing now known as the Barcaldine Tree of Knowledge Festival.

The May Day holiday was abandoned in 2013 but the festival proceeds as usual, using the motto "We may have lost the holiday but we haven't lost the tradition".

This year, the Barcaldine Regional Council in conjunction with the Community Groups of Barcaldine proudly present the 2017 Barcaldine Tree of Knowledge Festival.  The festival showcases the community spirit and all that is great about Barcaldine and the outback. 

We would love you to be part of this exciting and unique long weekend. 

Bring Back the Sheep


The central west of Queensland has seen the demise of the proud sheep and wool industry attributed to commodity prices, drought and wild dogs over the last two decades. Producers had turned to cattle instead of sheep as their primary income source.

Now that the seasons have returned to more normal rainfall and demand has increased for wool and sheep meat products, landholders have changed their focus to bringing back the sheep. Producers, with the assistance of the State and Federal Governments are now fencing out the dogs with incredible success.

Bringing back the sheep will be a huge economic boost to our region with more shearers, shed hands, classers, pressers and yard labourers needed to shear the increasing number of sheep in our region.

Barcaldine has a proud history. The place where shearers and pastoralists clashed over better working conditions and pay in 1891. Where the Nations political system, that we all enjoy today, was born and where today those same shearers and landholders work together in unison to rebuild this important industry that will go a long way towards the sustainability of our communities.

I do hope you support this traditional festival. Have a great long weekend.

Rob Chandler

Tree of Knowledge Barcaldine - May Day Parade
Barcaldine's May Day Street Parade
Tree of Knowledge Barcaldine
Theme of this year's Barcaldine Tree of Knowledge Festival: 'Bring Back the Sheep'.